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Weddings and Banns of Marriage

Religious Objects


Couples who live in the parish, or who have a family connection here, can get married in either All Saints' or St Peter's Church (subject to regulations).  People who have been married previously are invited to come and discuss if it would be possible to be married in church. 


Services of marriage blessing following a civil ceremony can be arranged, as can renewal of vows on an important anniversary.

Banns of Marriage

Normally banns are read in the parish(es) where the couple live as well as where they are to be married on three consecutive Sundays within three months of the ceremony.  If you are not getting married at one of our churches, but live in the parish, you will need to contact the church office and arrange for this to happen.


Please contact the Parish Office to make initial enquiries for weddings and blessings at both churches. 

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