What's on at St Peter's

Jump Start - the best way to start your Sunday

Jump Start is a church service for children and the young at heart.

This fast-paced service lasts about forty minutes with activities for all ages. Jump Start is often noisy, frequently chaotic, but always fun.

Eucharist - Holy Communion Service

You will get a friendly welcome at our Communion Services. This is a traditional service which is laid out for you in a booklet. The music is traditional hymns, although some people prefer not to sing. After a short sermon, some prayers for our community and world, we have communion. This means that we share bread and wine to remember the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. For those who don’t want to have bread and wine, the priest will say a prayer of blessing for you instead. If you have any questions about this, it is always OK to ask. Children and families are welcome at all of our services.